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Schedule Your Next Appointment

Please call us at 410.305.1331 to set up a convenient appointment time. We have early-morning as well as late-evening hours to fit your schedule.

Your initial exam and treatment will require extra time, so we ask that you be as flexible as possible when setting up your first visit. We're happy to provide a letter for work or school.

Why Can't I Come in Today?

We're glad you've made the decision to take charge of your health! If we have an opening, you are welcome to schedule a same-day visit. (This isn't usual, though, as Dr. Robertson is a specialist and is often in demand by people who have tried many other treatments and courses of therapy.) We will happily offer you natural strategies for managing your pain if we can't get you into the office right away.

If it's a few days before you can get in for an appointment, please keep in mind a few things: other than in a traumatic accident, your condition didn't develop overnight (even if you felt a "sudden" pull or pinch, the underlying causes were likely building over months or even years), and it will take time to truly address it.

You will be receiving care from a fully licensed, board-certified doctor of chiropractic; Dr. Robertson has years of experience and many thousands of hours of training across a number of health disciplines, including physical therapy and nutrition. We think a short wait is worth it to work with someone who will take the time to get to the root of your concerns and help you build a sustainable course of action for long-term health and wellness!


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