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Articles by Dr. Tom Hyland Robertson

Ice vs. Heat Basic tips to reduce pain and increase circulation for muscle/joint problems. [view the tips]

Ginger Tea: Reduce inflammation and promote good digestion. [view the recipe]

We're All Subject to Stress Being aware of the 3 types is the first step toward a more relaxed you. [view the article]

Sleep Better Tonight Easy ways to get quality shuteye, which is key to your overall health. [view the article]

Resources From Whole Chiropractic Healthcare

A truly holistic approach to health means taking advantage of all available resources and education. Here are a few of Dr. Robertson's favorites:

For MDs and attorneys:
Overview of chiropractic education, plus links to additional resources for those with questions about the profession

Wellness/preventive care in the chiropractic profession:

Selected materials from our newsletter:
Common questions & misconceptions about chiropractic
Shovel snow safely
Think twice before getting an injection for pain

Yoga & pilates classes in the Odenton/Fort Meade area:

Study on quality shows cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care:
[view the article]

Children may benefit from chiropractic in a number of ways:
[view the article]

Simple tips for better sleep from Dr. Michael Breus:

Biggs and Featherbelle—All-natural, locally made soaps and body products (we love the body butter bars for massage): www.biggsandfeather.com

Nutrition/Food Resources

Food sources of magnesium:
Center for Magnesium Education & Research

Vitamin D resources:
What’s A Vitamin D Deficiency? (YouTube video)
CBN Report on Vitamin D With Dr. John Cannell (Vitamin D Council)
Vitamin D & Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
The Skin Cancer/Sunscreen Dilemma
Vitamin D Council Newsletter (includes an interesting discussion of swine flu, the H1N1 virus)

Reducing inflammation in the body:
www.paleofood.com, www.paleo-recipes.com

Organic produce in our area:
Maryland Farmers' Markets Links

What produce is in season—and at its fresh best—in our area?
Search by region

Seafood safety & sustainability:

Trusted Colleagues of Dr. Robertson:

Below are a few friends and colleagues that I recommend for collaborative treatment or when I'm out of town.

Massage Therapy: John Boston, LMT (443.852.2631)

Acupuncture: Katie Herman, MAc, LAc (443.698.8776)

Physical Therapy: Angie Zavaglia, DPT (410.672.8970)
Maximum Performance Physical Therapy

NOTE: Please use sound judgment and your healthcare practitioner's best advice when applying any information you find on this website. Unless you are an active patient of Dr. Robertson, none of the information on this site should be construed as specific medical/health advice pertaining to your condition(s). If you have questions about any of the information, or find any of the above links unusable, please contact us at info@wholechiro.com. Thanks for reading the fine print!

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