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Did you know that Whole Chiropractic offers high-quality supplements at reasonable prices?

Learn more about the services offered at Whole Chiropractic Healthcare.

And click here for some of our favorite nutrition resources, including interesting facts about Vitamin D.

We are proud to be Odenton's integrative chiropractic practice.
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Our goal is to help you choose the treatments that are best for you, and to make healthcare easier and less stressful in every way. We keep our clinic small so that we can give our patients the individual attention they deserve.

Tom Hyland RobertsonAt our serene, welcoming office, you can expect gentle, non-surgical, non-invasive, effective treatment that integrates all appropriate natural therapies—from chiropractic, nutrition, and physical therapy to yoga therapy and pilates-style rehabilitation. Working with your other healthcare providers, Dr. Tom Hyland Robertson creates a specific care plan to suit your individual needs and meet your personal health goals.

What Do Our Patients Say?

We're happy to be the kind of chiropractic clinic people go out of their way for. Whatever your condition, you can trust Dr. Robertson to evaluate you carefully and offer every available option to get you feeling better.

"I have been impressed with Dr. Robertson's bedside manner. He is very skilled as a chiropractor. If I lived closer to his office [instead of an hour away], I would come to his office at least once a week."

"I feel like a new man!"

"I could not begin to understand how my bad posture, scoliosis, sporadic eating habits, and lack of vitamins and supplements worked together to zap my energy every day, let alone take steps to combat these problems, until I started seeing Dr. Robertson for nutrition guidance and chiropractic care."

"Dr. Robertson puts health first!"

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